Scam Warning

How Do I Stop my Employees from Stealing?

One of the most common types of fraud comes from expense reimbursement schemes.


Have you ever heard a story about an employee turning in receipts for a dinner with their wife, instead of a client? What about turning in a travel receipt twice?


This might sound benign or like small potatoes, but over months or even years, these fraudulent expenses can really add up!  In fact, according to a 2016 report by the ACFE, these incidents account for 14% of all...


What Do I Do If I am a Victim of Identity Theft?

While there are many different forms of Identity Theft, all incidents should be taken very seriously. Make sure to follow these steps put together by the AICPA to help prevent additional fraud.

* Report the identity theft to the fraud department of one of these agencies as soon as possible - Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.
* Request a copy of your credit report with only your last 4 digits of your SS# on the report.
* Close accounts that your think have been compromised or opened fraudulently.


Avoid Tax Fraud by Filing Your Taxes Early

Identity Theft is a Common Form of Tax Fraud

With tax fraud and identity theft on the rise, one way you can lessen the chance or avoid it is by filing your taxes early. A criminal can use your stolen social security number or other personal tax information to fraudulently file a tax return in your name. They can then reroute your refund to an address or bank account where they can get their hands on it. This can in turn make you spend a lot of time and money in trying to reverse this tax...


IRS Tax Scams: Protect Yourself

IRS Tax Scams are nothing new so it is crucial to keep in mind that criminals do not discriminate. They attempt to scam people everywhere, of all income levels and backgrounds. To protect yourself from becoming a victim of an IRS-related scam, keep in mind that the IRS will never:

Call you directly to discuss taxes owed, unless you have already been in contact with a designated IRS Agent
Demand that you pay taxes without giving you an opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say...


Scam Warning From Eger CPA

This morning Eger CPA received a phone call that originated in Albany, NY. The automated recording said that we were required to call a certain number to pay our delinquent tax bill or else we would be arrested and taken in front of a magistrate.  Fortunately, we have a few awesome CPAs in this office, and we know that we are just fine with our tax obligations.  Also, the IRS would NEVER make a phone call like this. 

Shortly afterwards, we received a call from...