Family Owned Businesses


Most of our clients have a Family Owned Business. This is a source of pride for the family, partnership, or individual that runs it. Whether providing a professional service, a specialized product, or a combination of the two; all businesses are different, with their own unique needs and requirements. Each year we like to meet with our accounting clients to assess their businesses and develop plans for growing them. The plan we develop for you will be customized to meet your specific objectives and needs.

It is important to strategically structure your business for tax planning and obligations, as well as regularly review your books and accounting for the health of the business. We at Eger CPA are proud to be trusted advisors for our clients, and can assist you with your Tax and Consulting needs.

If you are just getting started with your business, we can help you with these accounting services:

  • Start-Up Company Planning or Buying a Business
  • Business Entity Selection & Strategic Tax Structuring
  • QuickBooks Training and Support

Once your business is up and running, we would be happy to help with these accounting services: