Real Estate


Whether you are an investor, an owner, or assisting a client with a real estate transaction, Eger CPA has years of experience in assisting our clients with this complex industry. Many of our clients have investment properties ranging from a single rental unit, or a large multi-plex, to commercial property, land, and agricultural property. Investors and property managers know that real estate can be turbulent and unpredictable. The accountants and financial strategists at Eger CPA are here to help you with our tax, consulting, and bookkeeping services.

Real estate agents have a great deal of expertise in their field. At Eger CPA, we help our many real estate agent clients to navigate the complexities of their individual businesses. With cash flow planning, financial statements, tax planning, business consulting, bookkeeping, and tax services, we are able to help grow their businesses, while they focus on the needs of their own clients.